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Arbitration cases

Arbitration cases


Your company supplied the goods, but your counterpart does not execute the obligations on goods payment, it is necessary for you to terminate the contract and to minimize penal sanctions for its preschedule cancellation. It is necessary for your company to recognise the transaction void or to challenge results of the tender. Your firm has a dispute concerning using, possession or orders a property. You do not agree with accounts for electricity. Your company does not agree with the decision or actions of the state, municipal or supervising bodies. Your counterpart refuses to carry out of the obligations on the contract and it is necessary for you to oblige it to execute treaty obligations.

What to do in such situation?

The answer is  to address to lawyer Alexei Samoylov , the expert in the field of the civil law and arbitration process, possessing a wide experience under the permission of similar disputed questions both in a courtroom, and in an office of your counterpart

If going to court is the best option for the circumstances of your unique case, my background in litigation and appeals will protect your interests through each phase of the trial. I will guide you through the process, preparing you for what to expect and working to see that you get the best possible result.