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Corporate law

Corporate law


We render following types of service in the field of the corporate law:

  • Consultation concerning the optimum organizational-legal form of the legal person, structure of its controls, variants of distribution of profit;
  • Check of constituent documents on conformity to the legislation and their practical applicability within the limits of the developed relations between founders, preparation of constituent documents under the individual order;
  • Registration of legal bodies of any organizational-legal form, registration of changes in constituent documents;
  • Full support of a share issue;
  • Preparation of corporate documents (reports, orders, positions, etc.);
  • The help in preparation and carrying out of board of directors, the next and extraordinary general meetings of participants (shareholders);
  • Legal support of transactions of the legal person;
  • Legal support of all transactions with shares of Open Company and with joint-stock company actions;
  • Check of legality of actions of controls of the Society;
  • Pre-judicial settlement of corporate conflicts (between participants and the Society, and also between participants/shareholders);
  • Judicial disputes by the corporate right (the appeal of large transactions, transactions with interest, the appeal of decisions of controls of the Society, contest of constituent documents, a recognition of issue void, privatisation disputes, other protection of interests of shareholders and interested persons);