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Enforcement proceedings

Enforcement proceedings


The enforcement order  is shown to collecting in Federal Bailiff Service. Actions of Bailiff are actually reduced to an establishment of the fact of presence or absence at the debtor of property which arrest can be put. In case of presence of property Bailiff  arrest it  

I do not advise to you to leave enforcement proceedings  without the appropriate control, fondly believing that, the police officer-executor leaves to the place of an actual finding of your debtor, will seize property, in the shortest terms it will sell and will solemnly hand over a debt belonging to you by right. Unfortunately, specificity of enforcement proceedings assumes notices on date, time and a place of executive actions, thereby having stuck gives possibility to the debtor not only for concealment of property and money resources which could be directed on debt repayments, but also allows the debtor to undertake certain steps that the meeting between them has not taken place not only in the designated day and hour, but also in the foreseeable future.

Attracting the lawyer to enforcement proceedings  , you have a possibility for the control over process of enforcement proceedings  and real possibility of reception from the debtor of your debt. Besides, your lawyer will assist the bailiff, and if it’s necessary the lawyer will force the bailiff to fulfil his duties properly.

I render following services:

  • Consultation on the questions connected with enforcement proceedings, working out of tactics of conducting enforcement proceedings , an estimation of prospects;
  • Legal estimation of actions of judicial police officers;
  • Preparation of necessary documents;
  • Representation of interests physical and legal bodies in enforcement proceedings
  • The appeal of actions of bailiff;
  • The Release of property from the distraint ;