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Family law

Family law


Family disputes always are heavy morally for each of the dispute parties. Frequently persons, going to conclude marriage in advance do not provide possibilities to secure each other from possible problems.

At occurrence of conflicts between spouses, between parents and children, is better to receive competent legal consultation which for certain will allow you to avoid long, wearisome disputes. Having addressed, you have an opportunity to resolve a problem by negotiations, by a finding of compromise variants. The Russian family lawyer Alexei Samoylov is  the expert in the field of a family law will depict to you a situation from different directions, and also will help to find the variant of an exit most favourable to you from the developed problem situation.

My goal is to earn each client's confidence and trust.   I respect  my clients and listen to them. I allow their concerns and priorities to guide my approach to each case. I invest enough time and attention in each case to achieve the client’s goals, but try to prevent excessive litigation and acrimony from driving up the fees. By taking the time to listen to the client and to get to know what is going on with them, I not only learn what that client wants to see happen, but can inform them of possible solutions they may not have considered.

If going to court is the best option for the circumstances of your unique case, my background in litigation and appeals will protect your interests through each phase of the trial. I will guide you through the process, preparing you for what to expect and working to see that you get the best possible result.

The Russian family lawyer Alexei Samoylov will help you with the permission of any problems arising concerning following questions:

  • Divorce;
  • Property section;
  • Allocation of a matrimonial share;
  • Definition of an order of dialogue with the child;
  • Definition of a place of residing of the child;
  • Collecting of the alimony on the maintenance of children (minors, participation in additional expenses);
  • Collecting of the alimony on the maintenance of the spouse (for invalidity of the spouse, before achievement by the child of three-year age, on the maintenance of the spouse who has reached of a pension age etc.);
  • Paternity/motherhood contest;
  • Deprivation of the parental rights.