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Labour law

Labour law


Your employer has put you before a choice - dismissal at your own will or dismissal for a minor offence, or you the director of the company and  your labour contract was terminated by the employer, without  having paid indemnification at a rate of three-monthly wages as it is provided by the Labour code of the Russian Federation or more if it is provided by your labour contract, or the company didn’t pay your salary, or at last you were illegally dismissed also by you wish to be restored on work or to change the formulation of the dismissal.

What to do in such situation?

The answer is  to address to lawyer Alexei Samoylov , the expert in the field of the labour right possessing a wide experience under the permission of similar disputed questions both in a courtroom, and in an office of your employer.

I am ready to study attentively your concrete situation, soberly to estimate prospect of your case, to develop strategy of your actions and to represent your interests both in negotiating process with your management, and in litigation.

The timely reference to the lawyer allows to reach restoration of the rights of the worker or to find the conciliatory proposal on labour dispute without a reference to the court and carrying out of long and exhausted litigation.